American Pizza Vs Italian Pizza

American Pizza & Italian Pizza

American & Italian Pizza ( The Differences)

Pizza is a delightful try at being born in Italy but was transformed in the united states. The advent of the immigrants in making Italian pizzas led to the birth of American pizza. It quickly rose to fame.

Pies were not entirely new to the American culture but pizza brought an entirely new play onto the deck.

Differences Between the American Pizza and the Italian Pizza

The elements of any type of pizza consist of the sauce, the crust, and the toppings and these elements are what make each type different from the other as discussed below.


The major differences are highlighted in the type of sauce used. The American pizza makes use of a cooked tomato sauce and is garnished with varieties of condiments such as olive oil, tomato pastes, garlic, salt, and herbs e.g sweet basil, and red pepper.

Many pizza restaurants get creative and adopt a variation of the tomato sauce with a unique taste that makes their pizza stand out amongst their peers.

The Italian pizza, however, makes use of olive oil, pureed fresh tomatoes, garlic, and oregano. The pizza has a fresh, herby taste that permeates through to the crust underneath.


This is another major difference between the two Types Of Pizza.

The American pizza is much more flexible and you can experiment to suit the way you want your pizza to be. For meat lovers, they can have pizza piled with different types of meat e.g sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, bacon, ham, etc.

This is in total contrast to the Italian pizza where they prefer to enjoy the savory taste of each kind of meat.

Even though their pizza is missing the savory meaty medley of the American pizza, it is nonetheless of exquisite taste.


The cheese spread on the American pizza is usually grated, it can be the mozzarella or any other type of cheese while the Italian pizza has the cheese sliced and laid out on top of the pizza and then garnished with garlic powder, crushed red pepper, dried oregano, etc.

The Crust:

The American pizza crust can be thin-crusted or deep-crusted as in the deep-dish pizza which is a variation of American pizza that can often feel like bread with toppings.

The Italian pizza is mostly thin-crusted with its toppings. This again makes them different but tasty nonetheless.

Every American pizza place has its unique crust texture the Italian crust also varies even in general thinness.

pizza dough and sauce
Pizza Dough

Examples of pizza include

  1. The Original Neapolitan (This is the original Italian pizza)
  2. California style pizza  (A style of American pizza originated from California)
  3. Barbecue chicken pizza (This is a variation of the California style pizza)
  4. Chicago Deep Dish (This is also known as the thick-crusted deep-dish pizza)
  5. Stuffed vegetarian pizza
  6. Chicago Thin Crust also is known as the Thin Crust Square Pizza
  7. Detroit style pizza
  8. New York Thin Crust
  9. St. Louis Style
  10. Tomato Pie: This type of pizza toes the line between American pizza and Italian pizza. It was created by some Italian Americans in the early 1900s.

Despite their differentiation, all types of pizza taste good; some are better than others depending on the tweaks made to the recipe.

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