BEST Outdoor Pizza Ovens for Homemade Pizza

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven
We independently researched, tested, and are ready to recommend you the top 5 Best Outdoor Pizza Ovens for Homemade Pizza

Best Outdoor Pizza Oven

We independently researched, tested, and are ready to recommend you the top 5 best outdoor pizza ovens that will help you try out professionally cooked pizza without leaving a home.

Create an atmosphere of a pizzeria on your patio near the pool or in a gazebo somewhere deep in the garden. Invite friends and enjoy a taste of an amazing pizza.

But before, let us share with you several tips on how to choose a high-quality outdoor pizza oven and what to pay attention to.

Usually, people buy outdoor pizza ovens, taking into consideration such characteristics as easy cleaning, accessories, the capability to cook outdoors, budget, and many others.

Often their choice depends on three main oven types: charcoal, wooden, and gas ovens.

Each of them has benefits and can be used in different situations.

So, if you are ready to recreate a Neopolitan pizza in the comfort of your home, then get prepared to choose one oven that reaches 500 degrees and higher.

Such high-heated professional pizza ovens have facilitated the cooking process without losing the quality of food.

1. Igneus Classico

Credit To: IGNEUS

An irreplaceable advantage of this brand is space-saving. Besides that, this oven is completely portable. Be prepared to make cooking pizza an actual event because this is a wood-fired oven.

It is very easy to assemble and use the oven since it has a clear manual.

You will be surprised but it will take only 15 minutes from the moment of lighting the fire to the first ready hot and crispy pizza.

It is easy to maintain the fire, and all you will need is to feed it by adding several larger logs.

The oven will keep the heat at 430C to 450C. That means all toppings and cheese will be evenly cooked. In Igneus Classico you can easily cook two 10in pizzas side-by-side and feed a large family at once.

2. Gozney Roccbox

Gozney Roccbox Pizza Oven
Credit To: Gozney

With Gozney Roccbox you will cook pizza in 60 seconds. This is the best pizza oven for outdoor usage. By replicating a true wood flame, Gozney Roccbox has been engineered to cook pizza with the help of a gas burner.

The retractable legs of the portable pizza oven maintain the best stability and safety during the cooking process. The built-in thermometer will alert you about the best time to place the pizza into the oven.

Made from professional materials like 304-grade stainless steel and a safe-touch silicon jacket, Gozney Roccbox is designed for life and comfortable cooking.

3. Venere from Alfa Living

Venere from Alfa Living Pizza-Oven
Credit To: Cornelius Veakins

This is probably one of the most impressive wood-fired pizza ovens for outdoors in the market. The oven has a contemporary and elegant handmade appearance. Venere is an embodiment of safe production materials that will never harm the human body.

Italian manufacturer Alfa Living has crated high-end wood fire ovens not only for professional chefs but for consumers as well.

This best outdoor pizza can provide you with 6 pizzas at a time. With high standards of functionality, Venere can be used in commercial and home spaces since it has established new standards of wood-fired ovens in the market.

Venere has a two-layered painting of a waterproof exterior.

The chamber steel is resistant up to 1,000° C, a beautifully designed door glass up to 800° C. It only will take 35 minutes to heat the oven. Besides its innovative interpretation, Venere has powerful elements of a brilliant design.

You will love the experience of watching wood, fire, and smoke cooking once you buy this perfect Italian pizza oven. If you want to create a visual “wow” effect and glitter your friends, then Venere is the best outdoor pizza oven for such a purpose.

4. Ooni Karu

Ooni Karu 12 Multi-Fuel Pizza Oven
Credit To: Ooni

This portable pizza oven is very easy to set up and use. Its versatility allows pizza, bread, and pie lovers to select among three main cooking preferences like charcoal, wood, or gas.

If you prefer convenient and fast pizza cooking, then the manufacturer offers a special Ooni gas attachment.

It is very easy to use and can be set up in several seconds. For those who prefer authentic wood-fired taste manufacturer offers to use charcoal or wood.

This means that consumers often use all three cooking options: gas, wood, and charcoal. Because of the small size of Ooni Karu it only takes a small amount of fuel. This is very important with fuel consumption.

It heats very quickly on a small bit of fuel and can cook for ages. Ooni Karu gets to 500C in 15 minutes. This oven is a splendid choice for travelers because of its small size and portability. It easily can be taken to camping or a friend’s house.

Ooni Karu can be packed down very quickly and placed almost in every type of vehicle.

The manufacturer has taken care of the consumers’ convenience and provided them with a comfortable package-rain cover. Ooni Karu is easy to store, carry and use!

5. Delivita

Delivita wood-fired Pizza Oven
Credit To: Delivita

Compared to a big traditional Italian brick pizza oven that needs several hours to be heated Delivita is a fast cooking device.

It is a progressive and innovative new-age portable oven that turns ordinary pizza into a handmade masterpiece.

With a weight under 30 kg, Delivita is made of fiberglass. Its design perfectly fits any urban outdoor rest zones like balconies, gardens, open roof terraces, and even parks that allow picnics.

To cook a pizza, it is necessary to heat the oven and wait 25 min. Your pizza will be ready in 90 seconds. Handmade wood-fired Delivita is provided with a waterproof shell and designed to be used only outdoors.

If you are ready to get the best possible cooking results Delivita will come up with your expectations. Manufactured in Yorkshire this ultra-attractive outdoor pizza oven will provide you with restaurant-quality pizza.

Become a real pizzaiolo without spending time for the construction of a brick oven with tons of cement and stress.


From now on you don’t need to go to a restaurant for a slice of a crispy pizza. All you need is to choose among the top 5 tested and Best Pizza Ovens.

Regardless of the size each of mentioned above ovens can cook pizza which is much better than offering traditional Italian pizzerias.

These ovens will improve meals–whether you prepare meat, make pizza, cook vegetables, or any other masterpiece at home.

All you need is a bit of practice to light the fire, patience if you are a beginner, and a big family and friends to treat them with tasty and healthy food.

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