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How To Make A Pizza Sauce?

How To Make A Pizza Sauce?

How to make a pizza sauce?

How to make a pizza sauce: Classic Italian pizza sauce is made quite simple. Depending on your wishes you may prepare the very tasty homemade sauce or learn to prepare it professionally by attending a course.

There are so many recipes for a pizza sauce, but we recommend you to prepare only the easy one.

How to make a pizza sauce?

How to make a pizza sauce?

Here we go!

You can do everything in a blender or a food processor or with a help of a hand blender in a large bowl.

You will need crushed tomatoes or Tomato Puree which you can prepare for yourself.

Add here tomatoes in the juice to balance the taste.

After starting to add species:

  • sugar
  • ground climber john cheese
  • ground black pepper
  • fennel seeds
  • ground oregano
  • and Italian seasonings.

If you have fresh basil, then add it as well to provide your pizza with a good flavor. Prepare a pan with olive oil and set it to medium heat. After it is heated ad cut onions and chop garlic.

Steer it for several minutes and add your ready sauce. Keep it boiling for a few minutes and add salt and garlic powder. Your first pizza sauce is ready!

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