National Pizza Month

National Pizza Month
31 days of pizza! There are so many ways that you can celebrate pizza this month. However you choose to celebrate, enjoy your pizza!

National Pizza Month

October is National Pizza Month in the US. That is great news for all of you pizza lovers.

This is the perfect excuse to eat pizza all month long, not that you need an excuse.

31 days of pizza! There are so many ways that you can celebrate pizza this month. However, you choose to celebrate, enjoy your pizza!

History of National Pizza Month

National Pizza Month has been around since 1984. It began when a pizza enthusiast and pizzeria owner decided to promote pizza with a magazine.

Gerry Durnell dedicated his new magazine entirely to pizza and created National Pizza Month to make the debut of his first issue even more memorable.

He was worried that there wasn’t enough support for the pizza industry.

Thirty-six years later, pizza has become extremely popular and we hardly even need a special month dedicated to it, but we love National Pizza Month anyway.

National Pizza Month began in October 1984
National Pizza Month

Try Something New

You have your favorite pizza already. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you like, and pizza is no exception, but National Pizza Month is a great time to switch things up.

If you normally eat a New York thin crust pizza, try a Chicago deep dish.

You can also try Neapolitan pizza, Sicilian pizza, Greek pizza, or any other kind of pizza that is new to you. Don’t forget to try a new topping too.

The top five Pizza Toppings in the US are pepperoni, sausage, mushroom, green pepper, and olives, but there are so many more options.

Try spinach or sun-dried tomatoes to get more veggies or add more heat with some spicy peppers.

Switch things up and see if you don’t love even more types and flavors of pizza than you thought.

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Pizza Toppings
Pizza Toppings

Make Homemade Pizza

Of course, you can always order your pizza from your favorite pizzeria, but in honor of National Pizza Month why don’t you try to make your own Homemade Pizza masterpiece?

If you’re up for a challenge you can even make your own dough, but if that’s not for you, you can go buy the dough or crust at the store. You’ll still get to have fun topping it.

With your crust on a pan start spreading on your chosen sauce. Next, add cheese.

Finally, create the perfect pizza design with your toppings and bake. Your house will smell good and your stomach will thank you for this delicious treat.

Homemade Pizza
Homemade Pizza

Host a Virtual Pizza Party

Having a pizza party is a great way to celebrate National Pizza Month. Your party might have to look a little different this year to keep everyone safe, but it can still be fun.

Invite some of your friends to order or make pizza and then get together virtually.

You can chat and compare the different pizzas that everyone is eating, or you can play a pizza-themed trivia game to see who among your friends is the pizza expert.

A night with pizza and friends really can’t go wrong.

Celebrate National Pizza Month
Celebrate National Pizza Month
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