New York-style pizza

New York-style Pizza

What Is New York-Style Pizza?

New York City is one city with a rich heritage, boasting of many objects of fascination for tourists and all.

The New York City pizza style is another magnificent feature to look forward to. The city is the home of pizza with hundreds of pizza slice joints, pizzerias, and Pizza Restaurants.

The iconic pizza slice style originated from long practice in the city of Naples, Italy.

The migration of Italians into New York City in the early 1900s brought the knowledge of pizza making there and then.

The pizza has a foldable yet crispy thin crust that is conventionally topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese spread alongside other condiments.

Usually, the pizza comes with toppings but a pizza without a topping appears as a regular cheese pizza.

New York Style Pizza
New York Style Pizza

Coal Oven

The pizza was originally prepared using a coal oven, this practice is still very much in use. Though, people now use electric and gas ovens as well.

The onset of the New York pizza style from the original Neapolitan style took off when Lombardi’s Pizzeria Opened in 1905.

Some of the original pizza places from the 20th century still exist today, most notable is the Di Fara Pizza.

It is reputed to serve arguably the best pizza in New York City, a perfect combination of the New York and Neapolitan styles.

New York City Pizza Styles
New York City Pizza

What is the difference between the New York style and the Neapolitan style?

The Difference in both styles is not just about the name change. True, the New York-style developed from the Neapolitan style.

The traditional Neapolitan style has lesser ingredient components in comparison to the New York pizza style.

A hand-tossed dough is made out of bread flour, sugar, olive oil, and water. Its distinct flavor and texture are credited to certain minerals in the water applied.

The cheese is made up of ground low-moisture mozzarella cheese.

The tomato sauce to be applied is made of olive oil, tomato paste, garlic, salt, and herbs such as sweet basil, and red pepper.

Its Neapolitan counterpart’s tomato sauce is made from uncooked crushed tomatoes and salt with a touch of oregano and seasoning.

While the cheese is not grated as in the New York City pizza style but it is sliced instead on the pizza.

The NYC pizza style has extra furnishings such as vegetables, meats such as pepperoni and sausage, or other kinds of cheese in addition to the mozzarella.

When the pizza slice has been cooked, the seasoning condiments to put on top of a slice after it comes out of the oven include garlic powder, crushed red pepper, dried oregano, and grated Parmesan cheese.

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