THE 5 BEST Pizza Places in Queens

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Pizza Places you must try in Queens

Can you find a person who does not like pizza? Eating pizza has long become a special philosophy. New York City gives you so many options to eat and stay satisfied.

Queens is one of the many places. By eating pizza here, you can find the top 5 best places. Each of them has a history of forming and establishing long-term and reliable relations with customers.

We devote this article not only to locals but mainly to tourists. We will try to help you in finding the best “delicious” places and choose your favorite Pizzeria in Queens.

1. Dani’s House of Pizza

81-28 Lefferts Blvd, Kew Gardens, NY 11415

Ramiz Dani has founded the pizzeria in 1959. The menu offers many incredible dishes, but the pizza is the best thing people come here for.

If you see a long line in front of the pizzeria, then accept it as an excellent signal.

Yes, Dani’s House of Pizza is one of the most visited places in Queens. It is worth trying their well-known pesto pizza with lightly sweet sauce.

This pizzeria prepares excellent Italian food according to its traditional rules. They constantly improve the quality of food to make every slice perfect.

2. New Park Pizza

156-71 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens, NY 11414

This pizzeria has been serving for more than 60 years. People like to come here because of the traditional taste of the pizza.

Made in a brick oven, such pizza has the flavor and taste of sunny Italy. Do you know what is the difference between an ordinary pizza made in an electric oven in your kitchen and a pizza made in a brick oven in a pizzeria?

The only difference is its unforgettable taste. While others buy and eat frozen pizza near the house, others are ready to spend time on a road and wait.

Come here to eat a good slice of yeasty pizza with a salty sauce that has a slightly sweet aftertaste. It is divinely delicious.

3. Gaby’s Pizza

204-23 Hillside Avenue, Queens, NY 11423

Established in 1964 Gaby’s Pizza is a famous and favorite place for many people in Queens. They make their pizza according to traditional Italian recipes.

For pizza connoisseurs, it is another place to pamper themselves with excellent quality food.

Do not think about any décor, ambiance, or anything else where you eat pizza. Only a crust, good sauce, and cheese matter!

It is a 5-Star pizzeria in Queens serving pizza with an excellent texture of the crust, much cheese, and desire to come back again.

4. Nick’s Pizza

108-26 Ascan Ave, Queens, NY 11375, United States

If you have not eaten pizza at Nick’s, then you have never eaten it. Thin, delicious, and “very” Italian pizza that exceeds all your expectations.

Its aftertaste suggests trying other types of traditional Italian pizza in America. Quickly served and quickly eaten pizza does not have time to cool down. This place can be a brilliant choice.

So, be sure to go in during your stay in NYC.

5. Rosa’s Pizza

5526 69th St, Maspeth, NY 11378, United States

It is a family-owned pizzeria since 1975. It is the most recommended place for a family or friends serving the best upside-down Sicilian pizza in the area.

They have a wide variety of dishes and pizzas. The specialty of this place is the Rose’s Grandma Pie.

The owners have correctly chosen the number of spices: not too spicy, neither too sweet. All ingredients are fresh and tasty.

Credit To: One Bite Pizza Reviews

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