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You may find numerous pizza lovers’ groups on the Internet, professional pizza schools for pizzaiolos, and various competitions for them. Mentioned below answers we have dedicated to all those people who are in love with pizza.

Jan 24
Why Is Pizza Round?

Find out why does your delicious pizza has a round shape.

Dec 19
Why is Pizza Called Pie?

It is safe to say that pizza Pie, did originally begin in the United States, and…

Dec 17
Are Pizza Ovens Worth It?

Are Pizza Ovens Worth It? The short answer is yes, they are. There are several…

Dec 15
What Is Neapolitan Pizza?

What Is Neapolitan Pizza? Neapolitan pizza is a type of pizza that originated in…

Dec 15
Does Olive Oil Make Pizza Dough Crispy?

The simple answer is that it depends. Olive oil is a type of fat, which changes the…

Dec 14
Is Yeast Necessary For Pizza Dough?

In this post, we’ll cover why yeast is good for pizza dough, even if you have to make…