Which Pizza Chain Tastes The Best?

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The Big Question: Which Pizza Chain Tastes The Best?

Which Pizza Chain Tastes The Best: Everyone has their own preference when it comes to pizza, but which pizza chain has the Best Pizzas Today we will compare the top 4 most popular pizza chain restaurants: Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, and Domino’s.

Pizza Hut

The popular flavors that Pizza Hut features include cheese, pepperoni, meat lovers, and supreme. Along with normal crusts, they offer a gluten-free crust that you can either customize or order something like a veggie lover’s pizza.

If you’re in the mood for a chicken pizza you can order from either their Hawaiian chicken, chicken-bacon parmesan, backyard BBQ, or buffalo chicken flavors.

Pizza Hut has a lot of customization options if you want to create your own pizza. Choose a medium or large-sized pizza to start, then choose your crust.

There are several crust options to choose from: pan (which costs $1 more), hand-tossed, thin ‘n crispy, heart-shaped, and stuffed crust (which costs $3 more).

They go above and beyond just the kind of crusts, you also have the option to flavor your crust with a garlic buttery blend, hut favorite, or toasted parmesan. There are 8 meat toppings and 9 veggie toppings to choose from as well when you are creating your own pizza.

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Customers also get to choose their sauce: classic marinara, creamy garlic parmesan, barbeque, or buffalo which you can customize even further if you want a lighter or heavier amount of sauce.

Their catchphrase, “No one out pizzas the hut” is pretty convincing when you have so many options to choose from. You can also order wings, sides, pasta, and desserts as an add-on to your order.

We have to admit that the Tuscani chicken alfredo pasta is a yummy option if you’re thinking about adding a pasta.

As far as the taste goes, Pizza Hut can be a hit or miss. Many times when we have ordered Pizza Hut, the crust is overcooked and almost inedible if you get the thin ‘n crispy kind.

Pan crust or stuffed crust is the best option if you want a decent Pizza Hut pizza.

Their flavors are pretty good but as far as the prices go, you are looking at spending just over $15 for just a large pan crust pepperoni pizza.

Papa John’s

What we really appreciate about Papa John’s website is that you can easily view their menu without having to start an order. However, if you want to see the prices you do have to enter a zip code.

They have different sections you can scroll through Papa’s Picks, Handcrafted Specialties, Handcrafted Meatless Specialties, Gluten-Free Crust, and Local Flavors.

One of their more unique flavors is called the Philly cheesesteak pizza which has Philly steak, green peppers, and onions which you can customize and add more to if you want.

For veggie lovers, they have fresh spinach and tomato alfredo pizza that has exactly those ingredients.

You have alfredo as the sauce instead of marinara with fresh spinach and tomatoes on top, and you can have it on the thin crust or original crust with the option to add even more toppings to it for a little extra money.

Pricing-wise, Papa John’s is very similar to Pizza Hut. Their large pepperoni is also priced at just over $15.

Their Handcrafted Specialty pizzas are pretty good, a large start out at $19 but it is worth it if you want more flavors and toppings than the Papa’s Picks original pizzas.

They also offer a gluten-free crust, and each of their pizzas can be customized to your liking.

The iconic garlic butter dipping sauce from Papa John’s is perfect to dip your crust in. As far as the flavors go, the marinara sauce they use tends to be on the sweeter side.

Overall we really like Papa John’s pizzas and would rank it ahead of Pizza Hut.

Most Popular Pizza Chain
Most Popular Pizza Chain

Little Caesars

Little Caesars is the cheapest and quickest kind of pizza you can get. They have the $5 classic cheese or pepperoni hot-n-ready pizzas ready for you to grab and go the moment you walk in the door.

All of their round pizzas come in a large size and they offer other flavors such as veggie, hula Hawaiian, 3 meat treat, ultimate supreme, 5 meat feast, or create your own pizza option.

In recent years they have come out with the “ExtraMostBestest” pizzas that have double the cheese and toppings for $1 to $1.99 more than a regular hot-n-ready.

The ExtraMostBestest flavors come in cheese, pepperoni, or sausage. If you want an ExtraMostBestest pepperoni pizza, you can choose either a thin crust, stuffed crust, or normal crust but they do vary in price. If you want a deep-dish pizza, they also have options for you.

You can create your own, get a veggie, 3 meat treat, hula Hawaiian, cheese, pepperoni, or sausage.

The most famous side at Little Caesars is the crazy bread but they also have stuffed crazy bread, Italian cheese bread, chicken wings, and several dipping sauces.

When it comes to their pizzas, what you pay for is equivalent to the quality that you will get. A $5 pizza is a great deal, but don’t expect to be blown away by the flavor of their pizzas.

They are average at best, and the crust has a good amount of cornmeal in it which isn’t the most appetizing flavor or texture in pizza.

In our experience, Little Caesar’s pizzas don’t taste that great when cold either, the dough tends to be dry and flavorless when it has been stored in the fridge.

Little Caesars does have its place, but it is basically like the McDonald’s of the pizza chain industry.

It’s cheap and easy to get in a pinch, but it isn’t the most satisfying meal.


Arguably the most popular of these pizza chains, Domino’s has had a huge comeback from where they were in past years.

Their hand-tossed pizza crust always comes oiled and seasoned. They offer 14 different specialty pizzas including flavors like buffalo chicken, cheeseburger, and spinach & feta.

They have different crusts like Pizza Hut does too. You can get either a hand-tossed, handmade pan, crunchy thin crust, Brooklyn style, or gluten-free crust when you order.

For a thicker crust, choose the handmade pan option.

Domino’s has a host of side options to choose from including bread twists, bread bites, stuffed cheesy bread, or even salads.

They seem to be competing with Pizza Hut on several levels too because they offer 4 different kinds of pasta and 3 different desserts on their menu.

They have even branched out to offer toasted sandwiches, breaded chicken bites, and chicken wings to customers. Domino’s has so much to choose from that it can be an overwhelming menu at times.

However, we think Domino’s ranks number 1 as far as Pizza Chains right now. Once you start eating their pizza, it is difficult to stop.

Their pizzas do taste pretty great, and Domino’s pricing is comparable to both Pizza Hut and Papa John’s with a large pepperoni pizza coming in at just over $15.

We hope you enjoyed our breakdown of the top 4 pizza chains. Pizza is great comfort food for so many people out there.

We compared the taste of each restaurant’s original pepperoni pizza, here’s how we ranked them:

  1. Domino’s
  2. Papa John’s
  3. Pizza Hut
  4. Little Caesars

Keep in mind that chain restaurants can only give you so much in the flavor department.

Pizzerias with wood-burning ovens often provide much better tasting pizzas.

However, if you don’t have a pizzeria nearby then you have to stick with what’s nearby, and often that means it will be a chain restaurant.

After all this talk of pizza, we think it’s about time you go and order some to satisfy your pizza craving!

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