Why Does Takeout Pizza Taste Better Than Homemade?

Why Does Takeout Pizza Taste Better Than Homemade
Why Does Takeout Pizza Taste Better Than Homemade? Well and truly three reasons make pizza tasty: technology, experience, and ingredients.

Why Does Takeout Pizza Taste Better Than Homemade?

This fact is obvious for almost 100% of pizza lovers. Takeout pizza seems to be more delicious than a homemade one.

Well and truly three reasons make pizza tasty:

  • Technology
  • Experience
  • Ingredients

Of course, more several factors add to the restaurant benefits of pizza making and we will discuss them below right now.

Recipes and Ingredients

Commonly known that 80% of success belongs to professionally made pizza dough.

Food prepared by experienced chef tastes better. In pizza shops dough is made in a big batch and with compliance with production technology.

Of course, experienced pizzaiolos need time to mature dough to an optimal temperature. In this regard, they use only spring water and high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Pizza Ingredients
Pizza Ingredients

Only carefully prepared dough with precise measurements of the optimal yeast, flour, and warm water started two days in advance can be used for making a pizza in a Wood-fired Oven.

Usually, it is cooked in 3-4 minutes.

Good pizza contains only fresh ingredients (basil, tomatoes, cheese) but not those canned sauce or mozzarella from the nearest supermarket.

Pizza shops use only natural whole milk mozzarella cheese in bulk and never the second best cheese.

High-gluten flour. Yes. Only high-gluten flour can provide professionally made pizza with a chewy texture and snappy crust.

Equipment and Technology

Professional pizza ovens that use cafes and restaurants differ from home ovens in many ways.

Since restaurants use classic stone pizza ovens they get exceptional high-quality food results.

Such ovens may transfer enough heat to provide pizza with traditional brown bottom color that could not be achieved at home.

Pizza Oven
Pizza Oven

Usually, a professional pizza oven is preheated to around 800F-900F (Fahrenheit) while the home oven gets to 550F (260 Celsius) at most.


Professional pizzaiolos have an exceptional experience that may not have passionate home pizza makers.

Now you know why homemade pizza and restaurant pizza often taste vastly different, but both types have their benefits.

Pizza Chef
Pizza Chef

There are many reasons to love restaurant pizza for its Best Toppings, for the atmosphere and of course a nice time that you can spend with your friends there or deliver it home.


The pizza-making process is very time-consuming.

If you are a loyal homemade-pizza lover that have enough time and wishes to make a “high hydration” slack dough and ferment it properly at home, then you will be some kind of a hero.

Takeout Pizza Taste Better Than Homemade? Pizza Clock
Pizza Clock

At the same time, you need to achieve the right crust flavor and texture that also needs much time.

What would you choose to experiment, play, test, try new dough recipes that seem more like bread, or Order Pizza and enjoy it?

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